Technology to boost
one of the most important
phases of school life

E-blocks offers a playful, fun, and collaborative
experience to introduce literacy.

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Each table can hold up to six students,
or can be composed according to the pedagogical proposal developed
by the school.

In addition, it is designed to be
inclusive and to cater to different
stages of development.

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How the E-Blocks changed the way we learn
Ms. Linda Vaughn
Eastridge Elementary School
Amarillo, TX.

"I believe E-Blocks®presents an opportunity for authentic learning, really engaging these kids acritical learning point, and I am seeing their skills and knowledge transferinto other areas of performance. While the system is used by many children, itis the ESL students that benefit most. English is not the first or nativelanguage for more than half the population of my school. This is making adifference."

An English teacher at Qisarya school
one of the Discovery schools in Amman, Jordan about E-Blocks during the pilot research to assess the impact of the solution on students’ learning.

"When students use their hands to learn; their attitude will change, and English will no longer be the Scarecrow to scare from!!”

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