It takes a village to raise a child

And it takes much more... it takes bringing together teachers, friends, families, and the best technology solutions to make the teaching and learning process amazing.

We promote the constant evolution in teaching methods

Today's students learn anytime, anywhere. And it is because of them that Ecossistema Educacional was born.

We create and find technologies that inspire innovative ways of learning and teaching and that connect everything and everyone with intelligence, strategy, and empathy.

We unite passionate educationalists: schools, institutions, foundations, national and international to make the learning journey an amazing and engaging experience.

Our Pillars


We are restless because we are familiar with change. We believe that it is always possible to do differently, to do better.


We are nonconformists because we do not accept the status quo or stagnation.


We are innovative because we develop and find the cutting edge of educational solutions in the world.

The Educational Purpose

Supporting the transformation of education worldwide by making the teaching-learning process an amazing and engaging experience.

Our Numbers

Our commitment to education is global.The more than two decades of experience are the foundation for building such a solid and extensive base of schools served.
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We are supporters

Unboxing School

We are partners

Hub Educacional
An ecosystem built from more than 26 years of experience and innovation of Grupo Positivo, one of the main educational groups in Brazil.