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Developed by BBC England, inspiring children to integrate the world of computational thinking.

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See how micro:bit is transforming the world

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Here are some ways to integrate micro:bit into your educational ecosystem

Differentials and characteristics of micro:bit

Ready for use: micro:bit does not need any other equipment to be used
Radio communication: Different users can communicate with each other through their micro:bits, enabling interaction and even game creation
USB interface: Load programs directly from your computer to your micro:bit
External battery: Accompanied by a holder for two AAA batteries
Bluetooth: Communicates with smartphones and various other devices
Matrix with 25 LEDs: LEDs that allow individual programming
Buttons: Two buttons that allow interaction with the program flow
Interaction with the world: Can be connected to motors and other components from digital and analog pins
Light sensors: LEDs that detect ambient lighting
Temperature sensors: Able to read the ambient temperature
Accelerometer: That identifies and differentiates different types of movement
Magnetometer: It has a magnetic sensor that can be used as a compass

The education we seek to build is closely related to the construction of a better world and is also one of the goals of micro:bit.

The do your:bit is an annual competition involving students aged 8 to 18 from around the world, encouraging students to develop solutions that relate to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (UN) in 2015.

Learn more about the event and some Brazilians who stood out in the competition.

Learn why to count on micro:bit

Micro:bit is compatible with most sensors and electronic components
Association with the BBC: Get listed on the official site of Micro:bit Educational Foundation
Thought for education: Because it was developed with education in mind, Micro:bit makes learning easy
Accommodates all levels of programming: With partners such as Microsoft and MIT, micro:bit takes in everything from the basics of computational thinking to the most modern languages such as Python

Saiba porque contar com o Micro:bit

Criado com a educação em mente

O Micro:bit foi criado com as crianças em mente e com o olhar voltado para o que há de mais moderno nas práticas de ensino.

Pensado para a educação: Por ter sido desenvolvido com a educação em mente, o Micro:bit facilita o aprendizado.
Acolhe todos os níveis de programação: Contando com parceiros como a Microsoft e o MIT, o micro:bit acolhe desde a base do pensamento computacional até as linguagens mais modernas como o Python

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